Glenn Lesnick

Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)

Master Photographer (M. Photog.)

I’m often asked how I started in photography. I look back and vividly remember the week before my Bar Mitzvah receiving a most welcome gift; the Minolta X700. Back in 1983 as the ad touted, it was “camera of the year on 2 continents”. I read the manual cover to cover, took up an interest in photography and 4 years later earned my first “gig” as high school yearbook photographer.

To say a lot has evolved since then would be an understatement. No more dark rooms, no more film and incredible advances in technology and software. As a technology enthusiast myself, I embrace change and have an unrelenting desire to continually learn and progress.

I am a PPA Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) and Master Photographer (M.Photog.) located in Teaneck NJ. Please visit Professional Photographers of America at PPA.com for a wealth of info if you are unfamiliar with CPP and M. Photog. designations.

I’ve graduated with Honors from the The Photography Institute (PI)  I am a member of the Professional Photographers Association (PPA), Professional Photographers Association of NJ (PPANJ), American Society of Photographers (ASP), Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) among others.

My Style

My goal is to create Fine Art Photographs. An image that is both artistically inspired and technically excellent that clients will be proud to display on their walls forever. I strive to create photos that tell a story, have mood, atmosphere, and emotion. I enjoy a photojournalistic approach capturing real moments as they happen. Though at times, setting the stage, lighting and posing, and only then evoking the emotion works best. As Peter Adams put it, Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field."

Just as important as clicking the shutter is clicking with people. I enjoy connecting with people and making them feel at ease to help display the special quality within each individual and present it in its best form. Working with me will be laid back and fun. You will never hear me say "smile" or "say cheese". Those smiles typically come across stiff and unnatural looking. My job is to make sure you have fun, bring out, and capture the real ones.

I have studied and practiced countless hours of exposure, composition, and lighting techniques to create dynamic lighting patterns that accentuate (or if appropriate de-emphasize) shapes and features. I appreciate the math behind taking correct exposures and enjoy the challenge of analyzing and correctly lighting difficult and unique situations. There is truly a difference between taking a photo and creating one. I am a big fan of quality light and the ability to control it. When used correctly, directional light creates texture, dimension and form, making the image come to life. I aim to get it right in the camera rather than rely on corrective editing in post. I work with the latest versions of Lightroom, Photoshop, Nik software, Topaz, Portraiture, Exposure, and Skylum among many others. I do my own retouching and at times blend layers, and add textures or composite images to infuse them with emotional content experienced during shooting while giving them a unique look as well.

I primarily shoot portraiture which includes Headshots, Fine Art, Beauty, Fashion, Glamour, and Lifestyle. I work with some top Agencies in the tri-state area.

My office space has a fully equipped studio with top-of-the-line strobes, softboxes, backgrounds, and other necessary (and unnecessary, lol!) gear and props. As a Master Photographer and Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), I have a deep sense of honor and respect for photography, have committed to mentoring others and uphold the highest standards of excellence for both my work and conduct.


Please visit Glenn L. Headshots for more information on Headshots and Branding.

Awards and Accomplishments:


Designated Master of Photography by PPA in January 2020 (Mission Accomplished!)


General Collection International Photographic Competition 2019 (3X)

General Collection International Photographic Competition 2018 (4X - FULL CASE)


CPP Re-Certification (2019)

2018 Fuji Masterpiece Award


Seal of Approval from the PPA Northeast District competition 2018 (2x)

General Collection International Photographic Competition 2017

General Collection International Photographic Competition 2016

Seal of Approval from the PPA Northeast District competition 2016

Loan Collection 2015 International Print Competition 

Silver Award 2015 WPPI 16x20 Intl Print Competition (2x)

WPPI Honors of Excellence Silver Award First Half 2014 Competition
Grand Prize in the Jewish Federation Artists Contest 2014
Accolade of Excellence in the WPPI 16x20 2013 Print Competition
Seal of Approval from the PPA Northeast District competition 2013

Certified Professional Photographer (2013) 
Court of Honor NJ State Loan Collection 2013
General Collection (2x) International Photographic Competition 2013